Customer service

Every company has Customer Service! We are 100% sure!

Customer experience is the key to success. It has taken over the price and product as a key brand differentiator. Customers expect you to deliver customer service:
  • Instantly
  • Transparently
  • Personalized
  • Everywhere customer is

Key facts on customer service failure effects

  • 78% customers abandon transactions if they are not assisted properly when needed
  • It’s 6-7 times more expensive to get new customer than to retain an existing one
  • World of mouth is very powerful! Customers are twice as much willing to say loudly about bad experience than good one

How Salesforce Service Cloud implementation looks like?

Our team will not only “sell your licenses”. There is a lot more in Service Cloud implementation:
  1. First, we will sit with you in order to diagnose all pains that you have in your customer service process and work with you on all data and KPI’s you work with at the moment.
  2. Than we will design together the business processes  in order to enable service processes provide up to date customer experience.
  3. This is the moment we will provide you with salesforce customization adopted to your needs.
  4. After your Service Cloud is customized, we will work with your team in order to train them on how to use new system and work with the new customer service process you designed with us.
  5. After rollout we will assist you with all the questions you and your team have about the service cloud.

What will I get from implementing Service Cloud?

The average numbers Salesforce implementation gives to customers:

  • Case resolution time 37% faster
  •  35% decrease in support cost
  • Customer retention increase by 34%
  • Agent productivity increase by 40%

Now take your customer service results, and look at them by those values! Sounds interesting?

Salesforce  Service Cloud basic implementation can start with 9 990 PLN + VAT tax and can be done within a few days of your decision.

Contact us for the details!