Reasons for choosing Salesforce

8 reasons why your company should work with Salesforce:

1. Customer Success

It is the key to Salesforce Success. Supscription model lets the customer choose once a year if he wants to continue his Salesforce adventure. Salesfroce and Clorce team do everything not to leave no place for daubt. This is why 93% of customers decide to renew, and 88% of customers are happy to recommend the solution!


2. The cloud leader

The Cloud solution lets enterprise technology customers focus on their core business & differentiation leaving platform maintenance to Salesforce team


3. Trusted Cloud

Salesforce is not only a platform. Salesforce is being sure, that your data are safe and accessible. Salesforce Team grows its technical capabilities and infrastructure constantly. Only last year number of database requests went up by 79% with the reduction of average page time by 4%!

The trust is also a security. You can check out all the trust issues at


4. Multitenant Platform

It doesn’t matter if you are a big corporation, or a small startup – every single Salesforce org is built on exactly the same infrastructure, exactly the same code version, and exactly the same rules. There is only one version of the platform and everybody is using it! So no matter your size is, you get all the new stuff exactly the same time. It’s like living in big office building. No matter if you rent just one small room, or 3 floors, you all benefit at the same time when new elevator or front entrance renovation is performed by the building manager.


5. Metadata

Metadata is the layer of information between customizations and the rest of the application, so the application knows about them, can work with them, but not break them when upgraded 3 times a year.


6. Fast app development

Time to market is an essential thing! And, there are more and more developers needed, so it’s not only time, but also cost that the long development delivers as an issue.

With Salesforce tools such as Salesfroce drag and drop Lightning Components, ready to use AppExchange apps. Connected architecture mean the moment data is changed on the back-end, it’s automatically updated in real time within your applications. And once deployed, these apps can run on any device (including mobile apps), in any language.

Developers can code all the business processes needed in App Cloud and focus on building great apps, not managing things like servers, deployment, or scalability.


7. Open ecosystem

With API that makes it simple to connect all your Salesforce platform solutions with external systems, our solution will not close you within. If you want to exchange data with billing system, external specific database (like insurance data if you are an insurance company) it is all so simple with detailed documentation provided and click away.


8. Complete solution

Salesfroce is an itegrated platform with a lot of components connected by default. Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Community, Analytics, App development. All in one place with no need for integration, no infrastructure issues, no data migration between the systems needed. Why always bother how to connect systems, when somebody did it before for You?