Sales support

Sales is about reaching sales goal!

But there are things that happen in everyday sales life, that are not helping! If any of those statments are familiar – you should consider switching to Sales Cloud ASAP!
  • Manual Processes (oh yes, manual data input in muliple systems)
  • Lack of Visibility (huuuuuge excel spreadsheets with thousands of rows)
  • Inflexible Systems (“we can not prepare that report automatically”)
  • No lead routing or opportunity management (“All sales knowledge is in salesperson calendar/notepad”
  • Lack of pipeline visibility and inability to forecast (all those “I hope we will close them” deals with no specific dates and numbers)
  • Hard to access information on-the-go (do you have all your updated sales information on your mobile within one click?)
  • Poor data quality (duplicates, wrong adresses, no contact roles)
  • Disparate systems difficult to customize (some raports in excel, some data in invoicing system, some data and documents on separate network disc drive, some data in notepad.

How Salesforce implementation looks like?

Our team will not only “sell your licenses”. There is a lot more in Sales Cloud implementation:
  1. First, we will sit with you in order to diagnose all pains that you have in your sales process and work with you on all data and KPI’s you work with at the moment.
  2. Than we will design together the business processes and data needed in your organization in order to enable reporting KPI’s as you would like them to be.
  3. This is the moment we will provide you with salesforce customization adopted to your needs.
  4. After your Sales Cloud is customized, we will work with your team in order to train them on how to use new system and work with the sales process you designed with us.
  5. After rollout we will assist you with all the questions you and your team have about the sales cloud.

What will I get from implementing Sales Cloud?

The average numbers Salesforce implementation gives to customers:

  • Win Rate +37%
  • Lead Conversion +43%
  • Sales Team Productivity +44%
  • Forecasting accuracy +48%

Now take your sales results, and increase them by those values! Sounds interesting?

Salesforce implementation can start with 9 990 PLN + VAT tax and can be done within a few days of your decision.

Contact us for the details!